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News from the State Capitol | October 2023

Updated: May 6

The Georgia General Assembly completed the 2023 legislative session on Wednesday, March 29th. I have returned home to District 60 (Fulton County: city of Atlanta & city of South Fulton) to spend more time in our community.

During the 40 legislative days that spanned over three months, my colleagues and I worked diligently to pass impactful and beneficial legislation on behalf of our constituents. As a result, the House sent 87 general bills, 183 local bills and three resolutions to the governor for his consideration (this does not include any Senate legislation that received final passage).

Some of the Bills that have been signed by the governor.

State Government

  • HB 373 – Sponsored by Rep. Sheila Jones

  • Designating September 11 of each year as "First Responders Appreciation Day" in Georgia

  • Thank you Audraine Jackson for asking me to introduce this important legislation

Voting and Elections

  • SB 129 - relating to primaries & elections generally; provide time off for employees to advance vote

Judiciary Non-Civil/ Public Safety

  • HB 497 - authorize the use of certified medication aides in penal institutions

  • SB 11 – enact Georgia Fights Terrorism Act

  • SB 44 - mandatory minimum penalties for violations of the Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act

  • SB 60 - illegal for certain persons to purchase, possess, obtain, or sell or attempt to purchase, possess, obtain, or sell used, detached catalytic converters, used utility wire, or used communications copper

  • SB 68 - include the offense of dogfighting as racketeering activity

  • SB 155 - provide for offense of interfering w/ harming a public safety animal/ search & rescue animal

SB 218 - provide for the issuance of identification cards to persons completing a term of incarceration

Other Bills Signed by the Governor

K-12 Education

  • HB 147 – enact Safe Schools Act; provide for a school safety anti-gang endorsement for eligible certificated professional personnel and

  • HB 340 - provide for daily duty-free planning periods for teachers in grades six through 12

  • HB 538 - provide for the "Georgia Early Literacy Act"; to require the State Board of Education to approve high-quality instructional

  • SB 45 - relating to health of students in elementary and secondary education, so as to provide for the care of students being treated for epilepsy or a seizure disorder

  • SB 211 – establish Georgia Council on Literacy to require local school systems to develop and implement five-year literacy plans for students in kindergarten through grade five

Children & Families

  • HB 129 - expand temporary assistance for needy families’ eligibility criteria to pregnant women

To See All Bills Signed By the Governor got to

  1. Click the 3 lines at the top right.

  2. Click Executive Action

  3. Click Legislation.

  4. Click ‘Signed Legislation’ -or- ‘Vetoed Legislation’


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