______________________________________________ - PAGE PROGRAM for STUDENTS
Georgia State Representative - Democrat  -  State Representative District 53

2018 PAGE Program

First Day of Session: Monday, January 8, 2018


The Georgia House of Representatives PAGE Program offers students 12 years of age and older an opportunity to visit the Capitol and help their State Representative for the day. They will assist by delivering notes from constituents, lobbyists and other guests to Representatives on the House floor.
Who is my Representative? 
Click here to find your District Number.
Under MVP Login, type in your requested information. Once you see the District Number for your Georgia House (Representative), (click here) click on the District number to get the name of your Georgia Representative, and locate his or her information at the Capitol.

-or- (click here) on the District number to get the name of your Georgia Senator, and see his or her information at the Capitol.


The PAGE interest form is located in the important documents section on the House website. Complete the form and email or fax it to your sponsoring Representative’s administrative assistant in their Capitol office.
    If you are a resident of District 53 and will be Paging for Rep. Sheila Jones:
Return your form via Fax to:
404.651.8086 or  404.656.0250.
ATTENTION: Audrea Carson
Return your form via Email to:

If you have any questions, call the office of Rep. Jones and speak with
Audrea Carson at 404.656.0126  -or-  404.656.0127
The administrative assistant will contact you to confirm and schedule a date for you to serve as a PAGE for the Georgia House of Representatives.
Work Schedule:
Each PAGE will work from the beginning of the legislative session day to the end of the legislative session day.
The longest days of session are typically Days 30 and 40. These days can end as late as midnight. Days 29 and 39 can also last until 5 PM or later.
Arrival Times:
PAGES should arrive one hour before the legislative session day begins.
The House typically goes in session at 10 AM, but be sure to check with your Representative’s office the day before paging to confirm the start time.
Arrival Time:
8:00 AM for 9:00 AM session

8:30 AM for 9:30 AM session
9:00 AM for 10:00 AM session
12:00 PM for 1:00 PM session
The PAGE desk is located in front of the House Chamber, on the 3 floor of the Capitol. PAGES will need to check in and check out at the PAGE desk. If you are lost, please go to the Speaker’s office, located on the 3 floor of the Capitol, Room 332.

Dress Code:
Dress code is strictly enforced. Unacceptable dress: Jeans, shorts, sweatshirts, t-shirts, short skirts above the knee, strapless or spaghetti strap tops/dresses and low cut blouses.
Dress Code for Boys: comfortable dress shoes, dress pants, dress shirt, tie (optional), sport coat (optional).
Dress code for Girls: comfortable dress shoes; dress; or a sensible shirt and dress pants or knee length skirt (or longer).
NO PAGE is allowed to have or use a cell phone, iPod, CD player or any other electronic device while they are performing their duties as a PAGE. If a PAGE is seen with any of these items, the item will be held at the PAGE desk until the PAGE checks out.
*All PAGES must be at least 12 years of age.
Please no chewing of gum or candy while performing duties as a PAGE.
On long legislative days with a lunch break, a Chick-Fil-A lunch is provided to each PAGE by the House of Representatives. This lunch includes a fried Chick-Fil-A sandwich, chips and a brownie. If you have dietary needs that restrict you from eating the provided lunch, please bring your own lunch. Vegetarian lunches are not provided. If needed, there is a snack bar located on the 1 floor of the Capitol.

Please contact the Chick-Fil-A website for more information on the Chick Fil-A lunch: http://www.chick-fil-a.com/#allergies
On legislative days with a dinner break, PAGES are NOT provided dinner. PAGES staying on long days with a dinner break should communicate with their Representative about dinner arrangements.
Each PAGE is paid $10.00 for their service to the Georgia House of Representatives. Along with this pay, they will also receive a first hand look at the legislative process in the state of Georgia.
Each PAGE will receive a certificate of service at the end of the day. This certificate will serve as an excuse for their absence from school.
We make every effort to facilitate a photo that includes the PAGE, sponsoring Representative and the Speaker of the House together upon the adjournment of session. On long session days, photos may be taken at a different time.
PAGES who leave before the adjournment of session:
If a PAGE has to leave early, the Speaker may or may not be available for a photograph at that time. In this case, the page will have his/her photo taken with their Representative only.
The PAGE needs to let their Representative know if they are leaving early, and the Representative will arrange to have a photograph taken.
PAGE photos are automatically ordered, printed and delivered to each Representative’s office. It is the responsibility of each Representative to mail the photograph to the PAGE.
You are encouraged to stay at the Capitol during the time your child will be serving as a PAGE, you can watch the day’s session from the House gallery on the 4 floor. Photography is prohibited in the gallery. Use of cell phones, Kindles, Nooks, iPads, laptops or any other electronic device is also strictly prohibited in the House gallery.
If you are staying during a lunch break, a cafeteria is located on the 6 floor of the Coverdell Legislative Office Building (also referred to C.L.O.B) across from the Capitol on Mitchell Street. A cafeteria is also located on the 1 floor of the Sloppy Floyd Building (also referred to as Twin Towers) across from the Capitol at the corner of Piedmont Ave and M.L.K. Jr. Drive.
Directions to the Capitol:
From the South:
Take I-75/85 North to Exit 245 (Capitol Avenue). At the bottom of the exit ramp, continue straight through the stop sign. At the first traffic light, turn left onto Hank Aaron Drive. The Capitol will be approximately one mile down on the left.
From the North:
Take I-75/85 South to Exit 248A (Martin Luther King Jr. Drive). Bear right onto Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. The Capitol will be on the left.
From the East:
Take I-20 West to Exit 58A (Capitol Avenue). Turn right on Capitol Avenue. The Capitol will be approximately one mile down on the left.
From the West:
Take I-20 East to Exit 56B (Windsor St./Spring St./Stadium). At the third light, turn left onto Central Avenue. Go to Mitchell Street and turn right. The Capitol will be two blocks down on the left.
Parking options:
*There is a parking fee in each location and may be cash only.
1) The Steve Polk Plaza parking lot is located at the corner of Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive and Washington Street. The physical address is 65 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive SW, Atlanta, GA.
2) The Underground Atlanta parking deck is located on the corner of Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive and Central Ave. The physical address is 75 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive SW, Atlanta, GA.
3) The Pete Hackney parking deck is located on the corner of Jesse Hill Dr. and Decatur St. The physical address is 162 Jesse Hill Jr. Drive SE, Atlanta, GA.
If you have questions or concerns, please contact the office of the sponsoring Representative.